5 Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss


It has been very well established that yoga is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Weight loss often seems like a very big and daunting task when, in reality, it’s really not. If you’re dedicated enough and find those few minutes for yourself every day, you’ll definitely work your way towards the best shape you’ve ever been in. Yoga for weight loss is quite easy to perform, and it has many other physical and mental benefits. Here are the five best types of yoga for weight loss:

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This is a backbend that strains and strengthens your core muscles, productively burning calories. To do this, asana, lie down on your stomach. Place your palms on the mat parallel to your shoulder and slowly lift your upper body. Make sure your elbows are slightly bent, your stomach is pressed to the mat. Gently look up and hold this pose for a few seconds.

2.Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This asana is great at improving digestion and boosting metabolism, which is the most important part of losing weight effectively. You can practice this by standing straight with your legs apart. Inhale and exhale while you bring your left hand down to your left leg and touch your ankle. Now, lift your right hand up horizontally, look towards it and hold. Make sure your spine and elbows are straight when you do this.

3.Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

This pose mainly works towards toning your abdominal area. It is also an asana that engages all your body muscles and helps you lose weight overall. Start by lying down flat on your stomach. Bring your legs up by bending them at the knees. Lift up your upper body, bring your hands back and grab a firm hold of your ankles. Now lift up your body as much as possible to form a bow shape.

4.Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Weight loss isn’t possible without fast metabolism, absence of bottled gas, and balasana helps you achieve just that. It strains your digestive organs, which relieves constipation and allows gas to pass. For this pose, kneel on the mat, bring your legs together and rest on your ankles. Exhale while you bend forward at the torso and stretch your arms ahead of you. Rest your forehead on the mat and stay like this for a few seconds.

5.Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

This asana focuses on your core muscles and helps you tone them. It’s great at flattening belly fat while also working on your thighs. You can do this by standing with your legs a few feet apart. Relax your shoulders and extend your arms straight out at the sides. Your knee should be bent into a lunge at a 90° angle with your spine straight.

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