6 Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids


Getting your new hearing aids is both exciting and overwhelming. While you cannot wait to jump back to your social life, you also have to get accustomed to wearing them and what and how you hear everyone and everything in your surroundings. Hearing loss deprives the ears of sound, so when you suddenly get it back through your hearing aids, the brain cannot recall how to ignore background sounds and prioritize specific noises. This makes it difficult to grow accustomed to your new aids.  If you recently acquired hearing aids, here are six tips to help you transition quickly.

Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids

1. Gradually build up the time you wear your new hearing aids

Be sure to wear your hearing aids for an hour or two for the first few days, and increase the time gradually as comfort increases. Consider wearing aids during the waking hours when your mind is still fresh. This allows you to filter and recognize more sounds and even identify bothersome noises to help your audiologist from Helix Hearing Care make accurate adjustments during your follow-up visits. Avoid wearing your hearing aids when sleeping or showering. 

2. Start in a quiet environment

Start using your hearing aids in quiet surroundings or at home to help your brain adjust to the regained ability to hear. You could also read aloud to your pet or child to get used to your voice. Be sure also to write down annoying sounds on the first few days, then check them off your list as you progress and the brain gets accustomed.

3. Engage in one-on-one conversation first

To help you get accustomed to other voices apart from your own, consider sticking to one-on-one conversations first. Hold your conversations in a noise-free area with good lighting and ensure the other person faces you to help you read their lips. However, ensure that you let your family and friends know that you are practicing wearing your hearing aids so that they may be patient with you.

4. Wear your hearing aids when watching the television

An effective way to adjust to speech and practice hearing is watching your favorite show with closed captions on. This allows you to hear the cast speak while you read the dialogue, enabling your brain to recall what the words sound like. Using hearing aids to watch television also helps you to grow accustomed to hearing different sounds.

5. Attend follow-up visits

Be sure to schedule regular follow-up visits with your audiologists to adjust the hearing aid’s fit in your ears, and fine-tune the sounds you already hear. A follow-up visit is also an excellent opportunity to speak about any challenges you could be experiencing, including bothersome sounds, pain, or discomfort. Your healthcare provider can also offer personalized insights to help you get used to your new aids faster during a follow-up visit.

6. Take up a hearing aid training

Suppose you are taking longer than you should to get used to your hearing aids or have difficulties following conversations and understanding words despite your new aids. In that case, consider signing up for hearing aid care classes with your healthcare provider. Alternatively, you could enroll in auditory rehabilitation, an online hearing aid training program to enable you to enhance your listening and communication skills and improve your ability to process sounds quickly and accurately.


A hearing aid can make a significant difference when you have difficulties hearing. Gradually increase the time you wear your new aids, start with one-on-one conversations in a quiet space, attend follow-up visits, and take up hearing aid training to get used to your new hearing aids and claim your social life back!

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