EMS Training Workout: What Is It & What Science Has To Say


Let’s just accept it; working out is really difficult when you are a business owner and have hundreds of things to do in a single day. However, there is one way to make the most out of the limited time you have.

Today we will talk about EMS workout training. It is a new form of training practiced by professionals to make the most of their limited time.

EMS Training Workout
EMS Training Workout

EMS is an electrical suit with electrodes connected to it. Tiny electric impulses are sent to your muscles to improve muscle contraction when you work out.

What Is EMS?

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation. During EMS training, you need to wear a suit with all electrodes touching different muscles of your body.

Some EMS studios offer a Wireless EMS Workout that generally has low voltage. At the same time, there are few studios that offer wired suits that hook you with a control panel.

As you start exercising, your body starts to move, and muscles start to flex. Small electric signals are sent to your muscles to contract when you flex. While it shouldn’t hurt you, you will feel your muscles contracting.

If we go by the definition, EMS is an electronic device that sends tiny electric signals to the body and active muscle while working out. These contractions try to mimic the body’s natural electrical impulses to elevate training intensity.

Claims are made that a 30 minutes workout session can feel like a 90-minute workout session with EMS.

Who Is EMS Effective For?

EMS has been among us for quite a while, but not in the fitness industry. It used to be used by doctors to treat people with neuromuscular issues. This device was used for patients who were having problems contracting muscles.

Seeing how it affected muscle contraction, some experts started using it for training purposes. Again, the result was quite outstanding.

People were able to gain the pump of 90 minutes workout with just 30 minutes of EMS workout. This is where some trainers started using EMS devices for training.

What Science Has To Say About It?

Even though the results of using EMS for training seem promising, experts still have many reasons to be skeptical.

After all, the effects of EMS have been limited to date. Moreover, engineers are still working to break the ceiling and find something new to elevate effectiveness.

Although experts accept the fact that EMS can enhance the output of the training session. But, to what extent is still not clear. Most of the current research does not support the use of EMS as an effective method of training.

We still need some continuous results to prove that EMS training is actually effective. So, although there are no concrete results about its effectiveness, you can still try it if you are interested.

Things To Know About EMS Workout

EMS is not a new phenomenon. While it is used in physiotherapy, the recent trend of using it in the fitness industry has grown. Professional athletes or people with less time to give on workout uses EMS to get the best out of their training sessions.

In fact, many science-oriented experiments have shown that EMS training is more effective than conventional muscle training. It also helps to strengthen the weakened musculature.

Nevertheless, you mustn’t think about taking any shortcuts when it comes down to fitness. Yes, EMS does help to enhance your training session; nothing is achievable if you are not giving your all.

In addition, according to medical health professionals, there are certain people who shouldn’t use EMS for training purposes.

This include –

  • People with pacemaker implants.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with neurological disorders.
  • Patients with impaired sensation.
  • Open wounds.
  • Suffering from diabetes.

Are EMS Workouts Safe?

Well, not all EMS training workout devices are 100% safe. If you are using an EMS device to work out, you wear a suit made with electrodes.

These electrodes transfer electrical signals throughout your body and help your body with effective muscle contraction.

If you are limiting the amount of electrical signal passing through your body, you are safe to use EMS training workout devices.

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