The 10 Best Exercises for Women


A woman can do anything from tip to toe. There are still a few things which is specially developed while considering women only. There are so many tricky trouble areas which take little more efforts for tightening and toning. After so many researches fitness trainers found out a solid set of moves which works well in shaping a woman’s body and make them feel confident in their own body no matter what they are wearing whether it is a swimsuit or skinny jeans or sexy cocktail dress.

The 10 Best Exercises for Women
The 10 Best Exercises for Women

These exercises do wonders for your stomach, booty, shoulders and inner thigh. The list is as follows:

  1. Single -Leg Deadlift: – this exercise tones the glute area, activates the full core and reduce the back pain.
  2. Side plank: – Plank is very common and well-known exercise, planks tone the stomach muscles, thigh and glute muscles as well. Side planks are also affecting you in the same manner, this exercise shrinks the waist area. It also works on deep abdominal muscles likes obliques, transverse abdominus etc.
  3. Push-ups: – this exercise is the most classic and effective exercise, it not only burns out the calories but also tighten the chest muscles which gives you a great bikini shape.
  4. Second Position Plies: – if you want the thin legs like dancers then this is your cup of tea. This exercise tones the inner thigh and the gluteus minimus. Gluteus Minimus is the side of butt which is the biggest hurdle of getting a perfect bikini body.
  5. Cardio Intervals: – High-intensity cardio intervals incorporations in the workout routine plays an important role in the fitness. Cardio Intervals let you burn the high amount of calories in a smaller period of time. Cardio intervals also increase your strength, endurance, and speed.
  6. Triceps Extensions: – This exercise tones the back, shoulder, and triceps. Triceps is the hardest part of the body just like your stomach which takes the most of your time to reduce. Just perform high no of reps for this exercise.
  7. Step ups: –this exercise look very easy but while you doing it, then you get to know how hard it is? This exercise is hard, but it targets the highest amount of area, for instance, it targets glutes, hamstrings, upper thigh, and inner thighs etc.
  8. Bridges: – for a perfectly rounded rear, bridge exercise is perfect. It also helps you in the healthy back and reduces the back pain to the nil.
  9. Plank with Arm raise: – plank is a magical exercise, adding an arm raise in it works like wonders for you. Plank improves the core strength and posture, all these make you feel better, taller and more confident.
  10. Shoulder stand: – this is also called inversion postures which helps in reducing the cellulite. It also improves the blood circulation in the brain, which reduces the stress and headaches.

All these exercises help women to strengthen your tip to the toes.

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