Top 5 Exercises To Control Addiction Cravings


One of the most difficult aspects of rehabilitation is overcoming cravings. These are strong desires that seem to appear out of nowhere and are difficult to resist. 

However, they are not uncontrollable. Learning to control urges is a crucial skill for long-term recovery. 

Exercise may be a double-edged sword when it comes to overcoming urges. Firstly, it’s a good diversion, especially if you’re doing something that demands a lot of talent or is sociable, such as a team sport.

Exercise to Control Addiction Cravings
Exercise to Control Addiction Cravings

Secondly, exercise helps you feel better by reducing worry and elevating your mood. But, perhaps more crucially, it develops your willpower and promotes emotional management. 

When a craving occurs, all of these advantages come in handy. 

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Why Should You Exercise In Recovery?

When you run, swim, or ride a bike, you will expend a lot of energy, but you will also gain a lot of energy. Regular exercise is one method to put some spring back in your step if your recuperation has left you feeling tired and sluggish.

According to a number of studies, regular exercise is responsible for increasing the drug and alcohol abstinence rate by 95%. These findings went on to prove exercise’s impact on the management of sadness, stress, and anxiety, all of which can increase addiction cravings.

Addiction rehabilitation is linked to mood changes, and you may assist your body to adjust to its new circumstances by training it to naturally make the feel-good chemicals that were previously sought artificially in drugs. 

Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins, which provide sensations of happiness and well-being. Therefore, 30 minutes of exercise every day is all that is required to create a good mood shift.

It’s not unusual to have sleeping problems when someone is in recovery. In fact, many people start abusing substances because they think it will give them the escape route they want. However, regular exercise can help you sleep better, both in terms of quality and quantity. 

Top 5 Exercises To Control Addiction Cravings

There are ample exercise options that can help you control addiction cravings. You don’t even have to join a gym to learn all about them, but we have narrowed down some options for you right here so that you can check them out: As mentioned by online suboxone doctors, learning to control urges is a crucial skill for long-term recovery.

1: Take Part In Team Sports

When you get out of rehab, you won’t have many buddies to help you get back on your feet.

This is why team sports may be a great way to get some exercise while reducing your alcohol cravings and building a support system.

Even if you are not an alcoholic and just drink on special occasions, you may see some persistent fat around your abdomen.

So, to use your time and lessen your addiction urges, burn those extra holiday calories by joining a team and playing soccer or rugby on weekends.

Addiction may also be used to cope with bad feelings, and participating in team sports can help you boost your self-esteem.

2: Run Around The Block

Running early in the morning is a great example of cardiovascular activity that may help control your mood.

If you go for a jog in the woods instead of a walk around the block, you’ll have a greater influence on your addiction urges.

Take 15 minutes out of your regular schedule in the morning to go for a run if you don’t have much time. You could even meet other individuals who run simultaneously as you, which will provide you with lots of opportunities to mingle.

Running causes you to sweat, which helps relieve the tension that addiction urges have been bringing you.

3: Try Lifting Weights

This solution is not for everyone because some of you may not be comfortable with this idea at all. 

However, if you try lifting weights, it will increase your appetite, help you sleep better, take your mind off of the cravings and divert it to those body aches.

We are not saying your life will become a fairy tale at an instance, but if you keep on lifting weights, it will soon fall into a routined structure, and that will keep your mind off of the cravings.

Just because we ask you to try lifting weights doesn’t mean we are proposing you be a bodybuilder. Although it won’t be such a bad thing if you become one, right?

You may begin with light weight lifting and progressively raise the weight as your body allows.

4: Go For A Swim

Swimming is one of the best exercise options for people of any age group to control addiction cravings. It keeps your body physically and intellectually engaged, leaving you with little time to worry about your addiction.

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can lead to paranoia, anxiety, despair, and sleeplessness.

However, the voluntary absorption of morphine reduces when you swim regularly. 

If you swim regularly while in recovery, it can help you combat withdrawal symptoms with ease, and you’ll soon be on your merry way to live a life free of addiction. 

5: Practice Yoga And Meditation

Meditation and yoga are examples of mindfulness practices that may make you feel calm and composed. 

Once you master meditation and yoga skills, you’ll learn to enjoy little things in life, from a starry night to a good grade in your class assignment. 

When people return from treatment and are confronted with unpleasant feelings, they frequently relapse. Therefore, yoga would be the best exercise option because it will keep you calm no matter how stressed the situation is.

Meditation may seem tough at first, but if you take 10 minutes from your busy schedule, sit in a quiet spot, and start counting your breaths, you will soon master the process. 

Get!! Set!! Go!!

Are you super pumped to start exercising right away?

Well, you should be.

Not only can it help you steer clear of addiction, but also it can help you be better in terms of overall health management.

So, for further questions, let us know in the comment box.

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