Don’t get Hurt, know your basic Bicep Workouts


If you are including these bicep workouts in your daily workout routine than perform it in 3 sets of 12 repetitions each. Take a 60-second rest during the sets you are performing. For the warm-up session do one set of each exercise with the repetition of 10. Use the compatible weights while doing these exercises, starts with less weight and increase the level as it becomes too easy for you and does the same if it is too hard for you then decrease the weight slightly.

Don’t get Hurt, know your basic Bicep Workouts
Don’t get Hurt, know your basic Bicep Workouts

The equipment needed in this workout session are Swiss ball, dumbbells, tubing or bands, and barbells. The time required for this workout routine is 40 minutes for exercise and 20 minutes for in between breaks. The most important information is you burn around 300 calories during one session of this workout routine.

So, before further ado let’s jump directly into the workout: –

  1. Curl (Bicep): –

    Keep your arms straight and hold a barbell in your hands in the shoulder width apart. Keep the weight of the barbell balanced. Raise the bar by keeping your elbows to the sides up to your neck. And then lower it again by keeping the arms flexible to the straight arm position. Do not mess with your body while doing it.

  2. Incline Twisting curls: –

    lie down on the incline bench by facing the roof, hold the dumbbells in your hands, raise the dumbbells towards your face by bending the elbows and the twist your wrist towards your face to finish the exercise. Repeat this exercise back and forth to complete the sets of the exercise.

  3. Concentration curls: –

    this is little different from normal dumbbell exercise, sit on the bench, keep your elbow resting on your thighs. Hold the dumbbell in your arms and pull your hands to the bottom and push it back again to the face. Keep your elbow always on your thigh while doing this exercise. Do not switch to the other hand until unless you do not finish all the sets of your first hand.

  4. Preacher curls: –

    sit in a doggy style, but your chest and elbows are on the exercise ball. Hold the dumbbells in your arms and extend them over the bottom of the ball. Again, raise the dumbbells to your shoulder, do this exercise in back and forth manner in three sets. While doing the exercise hold your biceps tight and do not round your back or lower back otherwise it will hurt you.

  5. Crossbody curls: –

    keep your body stand straight and hold dumbbells according to your convenience and strength in your hands. Raise the dumbbell upside and touch your opposite shoulder by bending at the elbow. Do the same with your other hand as well. This is called cross body curls.

  6. High Curls: –

    Stand Straight and hold the handles with your hands in front of your face. Bend the elbows and come back to the shoulder height. Do this exercise back and forth in 3 set of 12 reps.

These are few workouts of the biceps for those who are new to the world of fitness but want a good and quick to adopt workout routine as well.

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