Strategies to Aid Children with ASD to beat the fear of Dentists


There are many fears and phobias that children face in different situations. A lot of them have genuine reasons but others are pointless and senseless. To make them comprehend that it has no meaning there are many ways. But children with Autism Spectrum Disorder special approach must be used to help them overcome the fear of dental visits.

Strategies to Aid Children with ASD to beat the fear of Dentists
Strategies to Aid Children with ASD to beat the fear of Dentists

Who are Children with ASD?

The children with Autism Spectrum Disorder display symptoms that show that these children face challenges related to social, behavioral and communicational difficulties especially when they are visiting a Pediatric Dentist Tulsa. The intensity of the symptoms ranges from mild to severe but early diagnosis can help children to cope with the difficulties they can face when they grow up.

Why Children with ASD fear dentists?

ASD is an array of different disorders that affect the children’s behavior and communication with the people and objects around them. There are four ASD types that came under this spectrum; Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive developmental disorder or PDD, Autistic Disorder and Childhood disintegrative disorder. Children with these disorders have the following reasons to fear the dentist.

Inadequate Perception

The fear of a dentist is not only present in children with ASD but it is also present in normal ones. Normal children can easily understand the logic but the children having ASD lack the perception to understand the whole situation. Their brain development is weak so their inadequate perception fuels the fear of dentists.

Problems with their Senses

The connection between their senses and the brain is very unstable so you can observe that some children are extremely sensitive to different sensory perception but others react otherwise. This is one of many reasons that they avoid going to the dentist because they don’t like being touched and also sensitive to loud sounds.

Annoyed by Closeness

The people belonging to the medical profession are only a few persons that we allow to touch. But the children with ASD are ultra-sensitive to touch and even getting close with someone. The dentists have to get really close to their patients to examine them and autistic children have a big problem with this situation.

Difficulty in Paying Attention

You must have seen children with ASD that they have very awkward movements. They might repeat a motion time and again. This depicts that they have a very short span of attention and at many times face difficulty in doing so. Various dental works done at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa require attention from both the dentist and the child.

Strategies to aid Children with ASD

Children who are suffering from ASD need to be handled in a different way. Everyone has to understand their needs and problems if you are willing to help them overcome the fear of dentists on their visit to the clinic. Below are some strategies that can help these children.

Prepare the Child In-Advance

There are many people who have had a negative experience with dentists and they propagate it to the world. When these comments reach the children they create a wall of resistance for dentists. You have to start to prepare them at a very early stage so that by the time the day of the visit comes; their fear is all gone.

Talking will help them

Talking is the best thing you can do. Not just that but let them explain the reason for their unease. You have to listen to each and everything; even if it is unrealistic because of these children it is real. Never shun them right away but gradually tell them what is right and wrong.

Read Stories to them

Fairy tales will do them no good as they are based on imagination. Readout stories to them that are related to the job done by a dentist. This will help the child understand the importance of going to a dentist in a light manner.

A casual visit to Pediatric Dentist Tulsa

Taking the child casually to a dental clinic can be a good idea. Let him/ her see for themselves the environment, the staff and equipment they are going to use. This initial visit eases the tension that is created in the mind of the child.

Set a timed Schedule

The best treatment for ASD children is that they have everything timed and scheduled. The timing of the dentist must also be set and placed in the routine of the child. The child will know the exact time period of the visit.

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Taking Favorite Toy

Children with ASD can sometimes attach themselves to specific toys that provide them with a feeling of security and protection. Ask the dentist to allow the toy to be with the child so that he/ she is comfortable during the treatment.

Use of Sedatives

Even though the child is seated comfortably in the dentist seat but still the treatment can cause the feeling of unease so sedative can be administered to relax the child.

Stay with the Child Always

The presence of either of the parent is important when your child is visiting Pediatric Dentist Tulsa under normal circumstances. But the presence is especially critical when the children with ASD are visiting and getting treatment from the dentist.

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