Dance Workouts: Health Benefits of Bhangra


Even if you just see people performing Bhangra dance, it fills your body and mind with energy. This style of dance has extremely energetic moves like wide squats and high kicks. It seems like the Panjabi culture created a perfect balance of fun and workout.

Bhangra is a folk dance in Punjabi culture, which started in North India. Some of the most significant characteristics of this dance form include shoulder shaking, powerful bass and high intensity in choreography. According to historians, this folk dance form dates back to the 14th century, when Punjabi farmers used to sing and dance to celebrate and convey stories.

Bhangra Fitness Classes Chandigarh
Bhangra Fitness Classes Chandigarh

Nowadays, Bhangra has gained worldwide popularity. People enjoy doing the bhangra for both fun and fitness. In fact, there are many bhangra fitness classes Chandigarhoffering an entertaining way of living a healthy life.

Indulging in Bhangra by joining one of the Dance Exercise Classes will help you attain these health benefits:

Improvement and maintenance of good heart health

The footwork in Bhangra involves hopping of high impact. The music itself energizes your mind, so your heart rate increases. Along with that, Bhangra allows you to keep your arms in extended position above your body. This way, you allow your body to increase its blood flow. Hence, bhangra assists in cardiovascular health improvement and maintenance. Even a few minutes of bhangra can help you maintain good heart health.

Exercise for every muscle in your body

When dancing bhangra, you use all muscles in your body. The upper body movements focus on shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps, back muscles and arms. Then, you use high hops, which improves the muscle strength of your lower body such as calf muscles, heels, thighs. And the combination of the upper body and lower body moves strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Even the basic classes of bhangra are enough to have a good workout session for every muscle in your body. Your quads, glutes, core muscles and hamstrings attain a higher level of strength with regular practice.

Better stamina for everyone

No matter what age group you belong to, bhangra dance supports your ability to live a healthier life. It increases stamina if you consistently perform the moves. The stamina earned from bhangra energizes you in other aspects of your life. You feel more confident, happier and active on a daily basis.

Burning the extra calories

Every person, who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, knows the importance of losing extra calories. Bhangra becomes a fun way of doing that without giving hours and hours in the gym. Your dance fitness plan can include a few minutes of bhangra every day to burn any extra calorie in your body. This way, you can maintain your health and look exactly the way you desire. The loss of extra calories can help with other health problems as well. So, your body looks amazing and you start to feel free from all the toxins in your body.

Ability to conquer stress and feel positive

Along with all the physical health benefits, bhangra supports your life with mental benefits as well. It is a perfect way to conquer stress and remove all the negative emotions and worries.

In one hour of bhangra, you feel positive and start smiling. The blood flow in the body reaches the brain to activate positive chemicals. It gives you a sense of joy, which is the ultimate solution to fight stress, anxiety, depression and other mental issues.

The brain starts to cure itself with endorphins that work as anti-depressants. The energy attained with dancing allows your brain to function better and balance your immune system. Hence, you smile more; feel confident, healthy, and positive.

Over to you!

If you love dancing and staying fit, you will fall in love with bhangra. You can start with the wedding dance choreography to have a taste of this exceptional dance form. There are trainers offering classes in bhangra dance. However, you need to find a class where bhangra routines are designed to align with a fitness plan. Such classes focus on the health benefits of bhangra when designing movements and routines. This way, you will become able to enjoy a fun way of attaining and maintaining fitness.

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