What Are Anxiety Disorders? Different Types of Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety is not easy to deal with and did you know there are actually different types of anxiety?


The first step  to anxiety therapy in Tempe is to identify which type you are suffering from and find which treatment plan is best for you.


Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety disorder is actually very common and is diagnosed as the fear of being separated from a person, thing, or location. When one suffers from this disorder, they often feel recurrent distress and excessive worrying from being away from a certain person or a place like their home.

Different Types of Anxiety Disorders
Different Types of Anxiety Disorders


Symptoms include fear of being separated in the future, fear of being left alone, and refusal to leave the home or leave a certain person.


Many children suffer from this, but it can also occur in adults.


Phobia Anxiety

This type of anxiety is when one has a specific phobia to something, which triggers their anxiety. For example, one can feel anxious or fearful of certain situations or objects such as spiders.


Symptoms include excessive fear, hyperventilation, or avoiding certain situations to avoid phobia (such as flying).


Phobia anxiety can prevent one from living a full life and usually starts at a young age. However, phobias can develop in adulthood.


Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a very common anxiety that impacts those at a young age and continues into adulthood. It can be brought on by an embarrassing episode or for no reason at all.


This type of anxiety occurs when one feels uncomfortable around others, especially in public or a new setting.


Symptoms include fear of events, excessive sweating in around others, and feeling insecure in public.


This can really impact one’s social life and professional life by avoiding meeting new people, attending events, or even going out in public.


Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is another form of anxiety. This is when one gets anxious in situations and sometimes even pops up out of the blue.


A panic attack happens causing sweating, racing heart, chest pains, and feeling uncomfortable.


Unfortunately, women and men of all ages can experience anxiety. However, attending therapy can help you overcome depression and anxiety.

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