Golf Holidays In France


France is well known for its exceptional and wide range of golf courses. Hence, everyone likes to travel to France in their holidays. Most people are from the United Kingdom to experience the art and culture of over 700 golf courses. There are top golf resorts in France in which they provide excellent golf courses as well awesome nightlife along with pool and private beaches. 

Northern France is a hub for golf society group people to experience the best night and golf layouts. Le Touquet is the main region for golf holidays France as they provide excellent golf courses and experience. Le Touquet is also rich in nightlife such as bars, resorts, spas, and restaurants with an array of arrangements of golf resorts and to enjoy your holiday at its best.

Golf Holidays In France
Golf Holidays In France



  • Golf hotel de saint- saens, France
  • Novotel Saint Quentin, France
  • AA Saint- omer golf club, France
  • Royal Mougins golf plaza hotel, France


To plan for a golf holiday in France is quite tough as every golf holiday destination will not fulfill all your dreams. Hence written below are the few tips that help you make your plan a great success!

  1. Choose a wise and positive youth to choose your group very wisely, such as the hobbies, and the thinking pattern will match or not with your thinking. It’s a good idea to plan a France trip with your old friends who understand you that will make your plan very realistic and enjoyable.
  2. Search different destinations before going to France

Choose a destination that offers excellent golf courses and activities along with nightlife scenarios such as bars, gymming, pools, and many more. The research of more and more destinations along with your group is also very knowledgeable for you and other friends in your group. Before booking a hotel, check the checkout time and overall syllabus pattern of your course.

  1. Plan your schedule during the leisure time of your course

To travel somewhere and explore new things is a very interesting part. Hence, roaming and exploring new things are very important in your trip apart from your golf course. Strategic planning is required about how and what to do before commencing any course.


If you are in a group or an individual, the best website is to book from Golf holidays directly. You will get the best deals and best tour packages of golf holidays France and the main thing is budget. You will get the best packages at a minimum cost. If you are a couple and want to book a private apartment or private villa, you can get this service also in golf holidays direct. If you choose your filter according to your choices, location, etc., these all things are provided by golf holidays directly. They offer services in Northern France southwest France as these are the biggest golf playing hubs in France. Most of the tourists come from the UK to play golf as they find a great interest in playing golf and doing the course.


 On average, the per member fee is EURO 1200, but it varies from EURO 700-3500. This depends on the season to season and varies from person to person. If there is a group booking, then the cost may come down. If you book for an individual and want a premium, the fees are quite high compared to normal charges.

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