What do you mean by Cyberknife Treatment?


The medical world is developing new treatment technologies and treatment methods. CyberKnife treatment in India is one new method been introduced. It is the robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumor which is present in any part of the body. CyberKnife is said to be the first and only robotic radio surgery system. The treatment will take only 30 to 90 minutes for one patient. Normally for cancer treatment radiotherapy will be the best. Every cancer patient will undergo radiotherapy. If you have any problem in surgery then you can undergo cyberknife treatment. When a patient should undergo radiotherapy, then the patient can go for cyberknife even though he is cancerous and non-canceroustumorpatient. Radiation can cause many damages to other organs, but by using cyberknife and won’t damage any of the organs in your body. It will track or move the patient while doing the treatment.

What do you mean by Cyberknife Treatment
What do you mean by Cyberknife Treatment

Cyberknife treatment cost in India?

CyberKnife treatment cost in India will vary, however, is about USD 7000. This method is less expensive than other methods. This is painless, no blood loss, breathing problem and stress-free treatment.

How the cyberknife treatment is been done

The cyberknife treatment uses lightweight linear accelerator which is been fixed or placed in the robot arm, which will help to given the radiation to the target or found out tumor inside the human body. The treatment will take up to 30 to 90 minutes, according to the type and place of the tumor the time will vary. It is the most advanced and new method form as radio surgery. It is a painless treatment. The treatment uses a robotic arm to focus the tumor and pass the radiation into it. This cyberknife treatment can be done in

  • Brain
  • Lung
  • Spine
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • kidney

The cyberknife will produce and give high range radiotherapy which will create hope for the patient. This method was introduced to make the patient comfortable and with a good result. This treatment does not require any stability frames and breath-holding techniques. The treatment will take over a period of one to five days. In each day the therapy will be of thirty to ninety minutes. In this process the radiation will be passed to the affected part and Cyberknife will be in full observation of the patient. If the patient moves the tumor position changes and the machine itself observe all the things and pass the radiation. The robotic arms are flexible so that they can move in all direction to cure it or to pass the radiation into the body. By doing this treatment it won’t cause any damage to vessels nerves or vital organs. This is the best method for a patient who does not wish to undergo surgery. This method can be used to cure the tumor which is inside the body and which cannot be reached by operation or other methods.

The advantages or benefits of this treatment

The tumor which is present in the body or which was not able to cure through surgery or any other method, Cyberknife can pass radiation and cure it. The complication is less in this method, it is one of the easiest methods in the radiology. This process is a pain-free, the patient can undergo this treatment without any tension. The treatment will take a maximum of five sections. This method does not need anesthesia. No blood will be loosed or no mark will be present in this process. After each section, the patient can travel back home. In this process, the cyber see only the tumor movement, even if the patient moves it has no problem and, in this process, we don’t need any special breathing holding facilities. This is the best method to cure cancer without any stress or pain. Every individual can undergo cyberknife to cure your cancer.

The general’s procedure or treatment every patient follows

  • Initial consultation
  • Fiducial placement
  • CT scan
  • Tumor mapping
  • Side effect testing
  • After the treatment completed the patient should visit a doctor

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