Proxy vs. VPN: What are the Main Differences?


VPN and proxy servers are the best ways to protect the users and provide them with privacy. They are well known for secure connections and private surfing. Both of them can perfectly provide you with safety and protection online. Some people think that both of them are the same. However, they have differences of their own.

You must know the differences between them so that you will know what to use according to the situation.

Proxy and VPN explained.

It is very important to understand the concept of VPN and proxy to differentiate between them. We will go through the explanation of both proxy and VPN to provide you with a better understanding of each of them.

What is a proxy server?

Proxy servers operate in such a way that any information you enter on a website is sent to the proxy server rather than being saved in your system. The proxy can also be used to trace your history and whereabouts if someone wants to, but the risks are minimal. For example: mexican proxy

  • If you examine the best proxy, the most recent and advanced, you may significantly limit such attempts.
  • If you utilize a proxy, others will have a harder time tracking your history and behavior.
  • Instead of being saved on the machine you’re using, the history is saved on the server. Because it is one of the most private and secure surfing methods, you can surf the Internet without fear of being inspected.

The proxy will only function on the application that you are using as it will work on the upcoming traffic from one application with which you have connected your proxy. The proxy does not encrypt all of the traffic coming. There are three types of proxy servers that you need to know about.

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HTTP proxies

This proxy is best for common pages on the web.  You can fix the browser you are using according to this,entire traffic present on the browser can get a direction through it. If you want to target the entire browsing traffic, this is one of the best proxies you should go for.

SOCKS proxies

It also working at the level of application you are using. However,  you will be able to target entire traffic by using this proxy. You will find them slower than the HTTP proxy because of their popularity among people, and there is always a heavy load on them.

Transparent proxies

Transparent proxies, as the name, suggest work transparently, and the user will not even be aware of the existence of the proxy. It can be set up by employers and parents who want to keep it check on the users’ online activity. It is also found in hotels and different types of cafes to take care of public Wi-Fi. You will also find it at different homes and companies because transparent proxies can save bandwidth.

What you should know about VPN?

VPN is similar to proxy because it will also hide your IP address and also hide your location. However, unlike VPN, you can make it work on the system which is the operating system. It is very helpful for redirecting all of your traffic no matter you are using it from the application or the browser you are working on.

If you are using a VPN, the traffic that comes within the pathway of your device and the internet connection you are using will also be in the crypt. In short, it means that the service provider of your internet who is always monitored in the activity you are having on the Internet will no longer know what you are doing online because you will be connected to a VPN Server.

Your location will be hard to track. You can also get rid of the factors such as website tracking for the government check. It will also keep you safe from the hackers who are always trying to break into your device. The VPN will provide you best protection and privacy on the Internet.

What are the main differences between VPN and proxy services?

VPN and proxy services may sound the same, but there are some main differences between them. Let’s look at some of the prominent differences that you must keep in mind before using any one of them.

  • One major difference between them is that VPN and encrypts all of the traffic, however, the proxy server will not. VPN will make sure to keep you protected from government supervision and tracking. It will keep you protected from the attempts of hackers. Proxies do not provide such services, which is why you should avoid using proxies for any sensitive information.
  • VPN works best on the device and system of operation, it is accurate for giving a direction to all of the traffic. However, the proxy will be functional on the app you are using. It will take care of the traffic for only one specific application on which you have turned on the proxy.
  • Proxies can work very faster; however, VPN work a bit slower. This is because they have to encrypt all of your data. However, you can use multiple ways to improve your internet connectivity options and also improve your browsing speed.
  • You will find VPNs usually paid because there are a majority of benefits and services they provide you with. If you come across a free VPN, do not trust it because it would have many limitations, and it will not serve the purpose you are looking for. However, you can find a majority of proxy servers for free, and they will also be the best working.

You can rely on a VPN connection more than a proxy server connection. This is because a proxy server connection can drop more frequently than a VPN server will.

Is VPN a better option than a proxy?

It is no doubt that VPN is better than proxy at many levels. VPN will provide you with multiple features and benefits. It makes sure to encrypt all of the traffic and will also conceal your location. It works on the operating system level, which means all of your traffic will be secured. There is no debate over proxy and a VPN because everyone knows that VPN is one of the most reliable options.

In the presence of a VPN and will you need a proxy?

You do not have to use a proxy if you have a VPN connection. This is because VPN reviews all the functions that a proxy can do even better than. Whatever you are using it for will fulfill all of your requirements, and hence you will not need a proxy in the presence of a VPN server.

Is it better to use VPN and proxy together?

You can use a VPN and proxy together. However, in the presence of a VPN and you do not need a proxy. It will only slow down your Internet connection, and both of them can collide. It is recommended to switch to one of the options to have a smooth and reliable experience.

Is it reliable to use a free VPN and free proxy?

You can use proxy for free as there are many options, and you can get enough benefits. However, VPN should not be used for free because you can face a lot of limitations. VPN is one of the premium quality connections, and it will provide you with many benefits, which is why you should rely on paid VPNs.


VPN and proxy can be similar. However, there are certain differences between both of them. They will serve you the same function of providing you privacy and protection, but some of the differences must be kept in mind before using them.

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