What has Xfinity got to offer you with their TV packages?


Comcast Cable Communications markets its cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services under the brand name Xfinity, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. Until 2010, these services were sold under the name of Comcast itself until the marketers decided to give them a separate trade name to be more particular. Comcast’s cable television marketing hit its peak in 2007, resulting in around 24.8 million customers. But since then, their marketing graph kept falling with fluctuating stats until 2015, when they added 89,000 new subscribers, giving them their best result in 8 years. Xfinity has been one of the most famous names among the broadcasting and cable television companies in the US in the past years with their outstanding services of Xfinity TV packagesinternet, Wi-Fi, telephone, home security, etc.

Why choose Xfinity for Cable Television?

Even though people have many ways to entertain themselves, cable TV remains the most unswerving watch. People are turning their heads towards online streaming platforms such as Netflix. However, the traditional way of watching, i.e., cable TV, is standing still, fighting the competition incessantly by introducing new features like their own streaming solution, voice search, save and record and watch later features. Being used across 40 states of America, Xfinity has various TV packages with different price options and five TV-only packages and various bundle deals. Choosing Xfinity brings along uncountable benefits, some of which are –

  • A wide variety of options starting from as low a price as $30 per month.
  • Guaranteed money-back after 30-days of trial.
  • Different plans offer various helpful features and services for comprehensive accessibility like voice search, captioning, Braille bills, sign language hold up, and many more.

Having these many things to offer, Xfinity asks for a good turn from the users’ side, which they deserve. Some of which are –

  • Minimum 12-month contract.
  • An extra fee for the fine print.
  • Some additional charges for the installation of non-bundled TV packages.

Xfinity TV packages

The prices and features offered by Xfinity TV packages show a discrepancy depending on where you live, what you need, and your budget. Although some things are shared among all Xfinity plans, such as their HD capability, on-demand access, and ability to download TV shows and movies still the plentiful plans create a long list for you to choose and select. Concerning your convenience, the Xfinity website has a usable comparison tool that can compare the price and features of different plans organized by channels. Below are the five basic plans offered by Xfinity, along with their price and number of channels:

  • Choice limited TV – Offers 10+ channels for $30 per month, including BC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Univision, and local access. This plan allows you to add channels any time and is best suited for the people who want just basic live TV and minimal on-demand.
  • Limited basic TV – This package costs you $46.95 per month, presenting you with 10+ channels with increased access to on-demand movies and shows. This plan is most recommended to the viewers who prefer to live to broadcast and want on-demand occasionally.
  • Xfinity extra – This plan costs you $65.25 a month to get 140+ channels, including Local + FX, TLC, HGTV, and Bravo. Going with this plan gets you the Xfinity app along with thousands of TV shows and movies. If you are the type of viewer who prefers to watch basic content with options but doesn’t want premium channels, this plan is perfect.
  • Digital preferred – A plan worth $69.99 per month brings you 220+ channels like NBA TV, MLB Network, and a regular lineup. This plan is better for people fond of watching sports because it comes with expanded access to sports channels.
  • Digital premier – The premier digital plan comes with 260+ channels like HBO Max, Showtime, TMC, Hitz, EPIX, and preferred sports channels for just $84.99 per month. This plan goes well with viewers who are premium content fans.


Xfinity is a big name known for its telecommunications and cable supplies. The TV packages offered by Xfinity are best for people who wish to have a hold on multiple channels and an all-in-one solution for their TV needs. While the smallest Xfinity TV packages start from $30 for a month, you can also subscribe to its other services if you live in a huge household and need internet, wifi, telephone, or home security connections. For everything Xfinity charges you, they all are worth it because they give you equally valuable services in return. 

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