Give your Consumers a Superior experience with Chatbots


Customers are the most crucial part of any business. Their experiences shape up the success story of your business. It is needless to point how important a part customer servicing plays in shaping up those experiences. The more a customer feels valued the more they will value your business in turn. Improving your customer’s experience is a sure fire way to boost up sales and increasing customer loyalty. Business experts predict that by 2020 almost 85% of the interactions that customers hold with businesses will be conducted without human interactions. This foretells an increasing popularity and demand of self service methods.


Communication is a very important part of shaping the customer experience. With digital experiences and online marketing being a huge part of any business these days enquiries ,complaints and suggestions from customers may happen at any time of the day and night and may generate from any part of the globe. Combined with this the new obsession of the global population with chatting and enter chatbots, the better, quicker and always on call customer service experience that your customer needs to have a better business interaction. According to IBM as much as almost 80% of routine customer queries can be handled by chatbots.


This is also taken as an almost infallible method by many, as there are always chances of human errors in interactions with human customer service executives. A human customer servicing executive may get tired, overworked, not be in a bad mood etc. All this paves the way of wrong or misleading information reaching the customer in the long run which might be harmful to the business in the long run. With chatbots customer service is regular, consistent and almost free from errors.


This is why many businesses where online transactions comprise a lion’s share like Hospitality and Travel have started using chatbots to great advantage. Some of the other major industries using chatbots to their benefit are Health, News and Media and E commerce. Let us take a look at how chatbots can benefit your business making the experience valuable to both the customer and the business.


Seamless Live Chat: Customers can engage with chatbots via online chatting in much the same way that they interact with human customer servicing executives. Therefore there is virtually no new learning experience that the customer must go through to start a chat with a chatbot. And the bots are adept at analyzing the queries and coming up with responses suited to the query.  Most chatbots can be integrated into the Company’s website or app saving the customer the time and hassle of going through the Companys online resources to find the answers they are looking for. This facility also makes it possible for the customer to make queries without leaving their favorite social platforms and the attached messaging services like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

Chatbots Do Not Need Time Off : In order to perform at his or her best your human customer service executive needs to sleep, socialize etc., in other words they need breaks. However a chatbot can perform optimally 24*7. Thus saving time of a company like helpscout and the customer the harrowing experience of having his or her query left unanswered.

Quick Responses: As a business grows bigger with an expanding customer base, answering to each of them individually may become a slow process if not a logistically impossible one thus leading to increasing customer dissatisfaction. But the chatbots can make this process easier and quicker as they ensure that each and every customer query gets an immediate and relevant response.

Chatbots create Customer Engagement: It is predicted that in the future the better a brand can engage their customer base the  better the results at the sales graph. For example chatbots can initiate conversations on messenger apps letting the customer know about any ongoing promotions, contests and activities. Whatever is needed during this conversation like coupon or promo codes can be supplied by the chatbot in an instant. Interesting offers combined with instant responses increases the probability of the customer clicking at your page thus increasing online traffic to your page and generating higher awareness. It  might be more engaging for the customers to communicate with the chatbot when the said bot can display more and more human traits like humor or empathy.

Chatbots ae Good at Saving Cost: In the long run a chatbot is also economical. A single bot can perform the tasks of several consumer service executives by engaging with several consumers, simultaneously. It is predicted that chatbots will save businesses as much as 8 million dollars by the end of 2022.

Chatbots are Also Good for your Human Customer Service Executives: Chatbots are good at answering routine customer queries. Here emphasis is on the word “  routine”. As bots take over the more tedious part of customer interaction with consistent customer servicing skills they leave the human customer servicing representative to respond to more intricate, delicate and unusual queries and demands from customers. This is also better human resource management.

Chatbots provide consistent, quick and better customer engagement with superiors customer servicing skills while helping the organization build customer loyalty, save cost and harvest human resource better. Surely it is like customer servicing heaven!

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Vaishali Gopi