Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips – Is Losing Baby Weight So Difficult?


Becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience that a woman can have in her life. If you are the one who is trying to get pregnant then the first response ovulation test can help you to check out your most fertile days. It will signal the best time of fertility so that you can easily get pregnant.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips - Is Losing Baby Weight So Difficult?
Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips – Is Losing Baby Weight So Difficult?

It is really a very complex task to lose weight after pregnancy and to bounce back to the pre-pregnancy body. It is essential to gain weight when a lady gets pregnant. However, many of us wish to lose the extra weight magically we had gained during pregnancy but the truth is that no one, not even the stars and celebs loss their extra weight magically after pregnancy. There are lots of tips, hard work requires to come back to the pre-pregnancy body. Yes, getting pregnant has become easy with the help of first response ovulation test but losing weight after pregnancy is not.

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Do you know holding the post-pregnancy weight can cause loads of health issues to a woman thus it is necessary to lose the post-pregnancy weight as soon as you can? If you don’t lose your pregnancy weight then you might face conditions such as heart diseases or diabetes. Losing the post-pregnancy weight does not necessary only because of your future health but as well as because of your child. If you are thinking for a future pregnancy then this higher post-pregnancy weight can put you and your newborn baby in medical complications. So, it is necessary to lose post-pregnancy weight if it is possible.

Take care of your weight gain during pregnancy

Yes, it is essential to gain weight during pregnancy, but you have to keep a check, that how much weight you are gaining during pregnancy. You should understand why your body is gaining weight and how it plays role in your pregnancy and afterward.

Take care of your weight gain during pregnancy
Take care of your weight gain during pregnancy

Take care of the pounds you are putting on during your pregnancy. Many women lose their much weight easily after pregnancy but getting into the shape as pre-pregnancy is really very difficult. Always make sure to keep an eye on the weight and increase it as much as it is required for the pregnancy only.

Have a look at “how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy”

  • Underweight: If you are underweight then you can gain 12 to 18 KG of weight during your pregnancy. But you should not gain more weight than 12 to 18 KG.
  • Normal weight: women with the normal weight can gain 11 to 15 KGs of weight during their pregnancy.
  • Overweight: Women with overweight can gain only 6 to 11 KGs of weight during their pregnancy. However, if you are a woman who falls under the obese category then you can gain only 5 to 9 KG of weight during your pregnancy.

Note: If you are going to be a mother of twins then the weight gain would be higher. The total weight gain given here is by considering single baby pregnancy.

So, you should first have a look at the weight you are getting during your pregnancy. If you pay attention to weight during your pregnancy then it becomes easier for you to bounce back to the pre-pregnancy body stage.

You might have a question that the weight of the newborn baby is lower than the weight gain described here. Right? Yes because the extra pounds of weight comes from breast size, placenta and by increased blood and fluid volume. That is why you can gain higher weight during your pregnancy.

It is just not necessary to be attentive towards your weight during your pregnancy only, however, it is also necessary for your newborn baby’s health. Other than this, if you put on higher weight during your pregnancy then the chances of C section surgery increases.

Post pregnancy weight loss practice

You can lose your weight after pregnancy as you do before at any other point of your life. The difference is just the breastfeeding. Yes, you will lose some pound of your weight during breastfeeding.

Physical activity and diet are the things which will help you to lose your post-pregnancy weight. Many experts say that yes, it is ok to have weight after one month of delivery, however, you can come back in your pre-pregnancy body shape within six months of delivery. But it is not as easy, you have to put yourself on diet and of course, physical exercise is also very important to lose your weight.

Your post-pregnancy diets

Yes, after delivery, you need proper nutrition, proper diet and ample amount of rest. So, you might have a question that, how can you put yourself on diet and exercise if you need proper food and an ample amount of rest. Right? Fortunately, still, you can do it.

You should not diet before six weeks of your delivery because it is the time when you and your child both need nutrition. So, don’t even think about it. Crash dieting is not suitable to lose post-pregnancy weight. Whenever you think you are ready for the diet, make sure that you take an ample amount of calories that your body needs. Remember that you need more calories after six months of your delivery so don’t put yourself on starvation.

Your post-pregnancy diets
Your post-pregnancy diets

Make sure that the food you are taking after your pregnancy is consisting proper amount of nutrition. Consume almost 25,00 calories a day during breastfeeding. This will help you to lose your post-pregnancy weight.

Note that the number of calories you need will reduce with your weight. The slimmer you become, the lesser calories you need. So have a look at your calories and this is how you can put yourself on diet even after pregnancy.

Keep realistic goals

If you are considering that you can lose your post pregnancy weight magically then you are completely wrong. Yes, it will definitely take time. It is really very great if you lose 35,00 to 5,000 calories per week or one or two pounds a week. Set up your goals realistic so that you can achieve those.

Your age, your diet, your natural metabolism, and your activity level are other factors which should be taken into consideration while losing your weight. It is said that after the age of 25 your metabolism slows down 2 percent with each decade so it becomes even more difficult to lose weight.


Breastfeeding will help you to lose your weight after your pregnancy. You will lose some pounds of your weight without running on trade mill and without putting yourself on diet and that is because of the breastfeeding. However, how much weight you reduce completely depends upon how much milk you produce. You can lose 500 calories a day by producing milk. Other than this, it will secrete the hormones that shrink your uterus thus it becomes easy to lose your post-pregnancy weight.

Bottom lines

Yes, becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience which you can easily have with the help of first response ovulation test. However, the weight gain is the biggest problem which you will face during and after your pregnancy. The standard rule of the weight loss is that you have to intake fewer calories than out. Women also need to follow this rule to lose post-pregnancy weight. At last, yes, it is important to lose your weight, but it is equally important to peek your beautiful baby who will address you. It is time to enjoy your motherhood.

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