Seasonal Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda


Neem Oil

This is the coolest of the neem oil. It supports the immune system and helps when you need it during the most which are when the seasons are changing. It also helps to rejuvenate and renew the skin.

Cilantro Juice

Drink it daily once in a day. It will soothe your entire system of the body and it also helps promote the body’s temperature, comfort, health and fluid balance of the body. To prepare the juice of cilantro to take a handful of fresh cilantro leaves now put it in a blender and put ½ cup of water and blend it till you get a thick pulp. Now strain the pulp and enjoy the healthy juice.

Remember not to throw the pulp away as it is great for the skin. Once you have separated the pulp of cilantro juice you can apply it directly onto the skin after washing it properly.

Golden Milk

Wondering what is golden milk? It is prepared by mixing turmeric to milk. Add one-fourth of turmeric powder to milk now heat it and remove it from heat. Prepare this concoction 2-3 times in a day and upon preparing it fresh consume it. It is a great natural immune booster and is great for health all around the year.

Apart from treating the seasonal allergy it also helps to heal the wounds whether it an internal injury or an external one.

Mix half teaspoon of amla which is also known as Indian Gooseberry (powder form) to 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Take this twice every day and it will help to keep all kinds of sickness at bay.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is the most useful condiment in your kitchen that is an amazing natural remedy for seasonal allergy. It helps by reducing the mucous production of the body and it helps by cleansing the lymphatic system. The problem is just with the consumption as you will have to consume it raw and just gulp it inside. To make it a palatable option add a spoon of apple cider vinegar to water and then add a bit of honey to it.

Consume herbal spices and supplements

You need to keep your weight in check to improve your overall and cardiovascular health of the body. For every day at least for 30 minutes practice breathing exercises. Not will this only help you at the physical level but it will also help heal and treat you mentally, emotionally, physiologically.

Use Neti-Pot

It helps solve the problem of congestion from the body by eliminating the allergens that might be irritating the nasal passages. It helps treat sinuses. Do it every day during the winters or the summers.

Apart from the remedies, you need to take certain steps to avoid seasonal allergy:

Eliminate Dairy from your diet

Cut all the dairy products from your diet and stay away especially from cold dairy products. Prefer eating dairy free products as that will help provide relief from seasonal allergies.

Eat cooked and warm foods

Eat vegetables cooked properly and add clarified butter to it. If someone has a poor digestion system, then adding a little bit of ghee to it would be great.

Seasonal Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda has helped heal people world over. This easy technique is the most natural approach so far.

Author Bio: Satnam Singh is a health practitioner in Arogyam Delhi. He is an herbalist and naturopath who is the founder and CEO of 6 Ayurvedic hospitals in Northern India. He leads a team of highly qualified and Ayurvedic doctors.

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